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PackedStorage Member List

This is the complete list of members for PackedStorage, including all inherited members.
actualFileSize(int netFileSize) (defined in LegacyStorage)LegacyStorage [protected, virtual]
byteCount (defined in Storage)Storage [protected]
cleanSubDir(const char *dir) (defined in Storage)Storage [protected]
cleanUp() (defined in LegacyStorage)LegacyStorage [virtual]
close(StorageHandle stream) (defined in LegacyStorage)LegacyStorage [inline, virtual]
currentDir (defined in Storage)Storage [protected]
doCleanUp() (defined in Storage)Storage [protected]
exists(const char *file) (defined in Storage)Storage [protected]
freeSpace() (defined in Storage)Storage [protected]
fsBlockSize (defined in LegacyStorage)LegacyStorage [protected]
getFilename(char *buffer, int bufLength, PageID page) (defined in PackedStorage)PackedStorage [virtual]
getRootDir() (defined in RootDir)RootDir [static]
init() (defined in Storage)Storage
initMaxStorage(int maxMB=-1) (defined in LegacyStorage)LegacyStorage [protected, virtual]
instance() (defined in Storage)Storage [static]
LegacyStorage() (defined in LegacyStorage)LegacyStorage
maxBytes (defined in LegacyStorage)LegacyStorage [protected]
openForReading(PageID page, bool countAsAccess) (defined in PackedStorage)PackedStorage [virtual]
openForWriting(PageID page) (defined in PackedStorage)PackedStorage [virtual]
PackedStorage() (defined in PackedStorage)PackedStorage
pageBytes (defined in LegacyStorage)LegacyStorage [protected]
prepareDirectory(tChannelID chan) (defined in Storage)Storage
read(void *ptr, size_t size, StorageHandle stream) (defined in LegacyStorage)LegacyStorage [inline, virtual]
registerFile(PageID page) (defined in PackedStorage)PackedStorage [protected]
root (defined in RootDir)RootDir [protected, static]
s_self (defined in Storage)Storage [protected, static]
seekTo(PageID page, int fd, bool create) (defined in PackedStorage)PackedStorage [protected]
setMaxStorage(int maxMB=-1) (defined in Storage)Storage
setRootDir(const char *) (defined in RootDir)RootDir [static]
setSystem(StorageSystem system) (defined in Storage)Storage [static]
Storage() (defined in Storage)Storage [protected]
StorageSystem enum name (defined in Storage)Storage
StorageSystemLegacy enum value (defined in Storage)Storage
StorageSystemPacked enum value (defined in Storage)Storage
write(const void *ptr, size_t size, StorageHandle stream) (defined in LegacyStorage)LegacyStorage [virtual]
~LegacyStorage() (defined in LegacyStorage)LegacyStorage [virtual]
~Storage() (defined in Storage)Storage [virtual]

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