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TeletextBrowser Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

virtual eOSState ProcessKey (eKeys Key)
void Show (void)
 TeletextBrowser (cTxtStatus *txtSt)

Static Public Member Functions

static void ChannelSwitched (int ChannelNumber)

Protected Types

enum  Direction { DirectionForward, DirectionBackward }

Protected Member Functions

void ChangePageRelative (Direction direction)
void ChangeSubPageRelative (Direction direction)
bool CheckFirstSubPage (int startWith)
bool CheckIsValidChannel (int number)
bool CheckPage ()
bool DecodePage ()
void ExecuteAction (eTeletextAction e)
int nextValidPageNumber (int start, Direction direction)
int PageCheckSum ()
void SetNumber (int i)
void SetPreviousPage (int oldPage, int oldSubPage, int newPage)
void ShowAskForChannel ()
void ShowPage ()
void ShowPageNumber ()
eTeletextAction TranslateKey (eKeys Key)
void UpdateClock ()

Protected Attributes

int checkSum
int cursorPos
char fileName [PATH_MAX]
int inactivityTimeout
time_t lastActivity
bool needClearMessage
char page [40][24]
int pageBeforeNumberInput
bool pageFound
int previousPage
int previousSubPage
bool selectingChannel
int selectingChannelNumber
bool suspendedReceiving

Static Protected Attributes

static tChannelID channel
static int currentChannelNumber = 0
static int currentPage = 0x100
static int currentSubPage = 0
static TeletextBrowserself = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file menu.h.

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