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cDisplay2BPP Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  enumZoom { Zoom_Off, Zoom_Upper, Zoom_Lower }

Public Member Functions

 cDisplay2BPP (int x0, int y0, int width, int height)
void ClearMessage ()
void DrawClock ()
void DrawMessage (const char *txt)
void DrawPageId (const char *text)
void DrawText (int x, int y, const char *text, int len)
tColor GetBackgroundColor ()
bool GetBlink ()
cTeletextChar GetChar (int x, int y)
int GetColorIndex (enumTeletextColor ttc, int Area)
int GetColorIndexAlternate (enumTeletextColor ttc, int Area)
virtual tColor GetColorRGB (enumTeletextColor ttc, int Area)
virtual tColor GetColorRGBAlternate (enumTeletextColor ttc, int Area)
bool GetConceal ()
enumZoom GetZoom ()
void HoldFlush ()
bool IsDirty (int x, int y)
bool IsDirty ()
void MakeDirty (int x, int y)
void ReadTeletextHeader (unsigned char *Header)
void ReleaseFlush ()
void RenderTeletextCode (unsigned char *PageCode)
void SetBackgroundColor (tColor c)
bool SetBlink (bool blink)
void SetChar (int x, int y, cTeletextChar c)
bool SetConceal (bool conceal)
void SetZoom (enumZoom zoom)
bool Valid ()

Public Attributes

enum cDisplay::enumZoom Zoom

Protected Member Functions

void CleanDisplay ()
virtual void DrawChar (int x, int y, cTeletextChar c)
void DrawDisplay ()
void Flush ()
void InitPalette ()
void InitScaler ()

Protected Attributes

tColor Background
bool Blinked
bool Boxed
bool Concealed
bool Dirty
bool DirtyAll
int FirstG0CodePage
int Flags
int FlushLock
int Height
int Lang
const cFont * MessageFont
int MessageH
int MessageW
int MessageX
int MessageY
int OffsetX
int OffsetY
cOsd * osd
cTeletextChar Page [40][25]
int ScaleX
int ScaleY
int SecondG0CodePage
int Width


class cBox
class cVirtualCoordinate

Detailed Description

Definition at line 86 of file display.h.

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