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cTeletextChar Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

enumTeletextColor GetBGColor ()
bool GetBlink ()
bool GetBoxedOut ()
unsigned char GetChar ()
enumCharsets GetCharset ()
bool GetConceal ()
enumDblHeight GetDblHeight ()
enumDblWidth GetDblWidth ()
bool GetDirty ()
enumTeletextColor GetFGColor ()
bool operator!= (cTeletextChar &chr)
bool operator== (cTeletextChar &chr)
void SetBGColor (enumTeletextColor bgc)
void SetBlink (bool Blink)
void SetBoxedOut (bool BoxedOut)
void SetChar (unsigned char chr)
void SetCharset (enumCharsets charset)
void SetConceal (bool Conceal)
void SetDblHeight (enumDblHeight dh)
void SetDblWidth (enumDblWidth dw)
void SetDirty (bool Dirty)
void SetFGColor (enumTeletextColor fgc)
cTeletextChar ToBGColor (enumTeletextColor bgc)
cTeletextChar ToBlink (bool Blink)
cTeletextChar ToBoxedOut (bool BoxedOut)
cTeletextChar ToChar (unsigned char chr)
cTeletextChar ToCharset (enumCharsets charset)
cTeletextChar ToConceal (bool Conceal)
cTeletextChar ToDblHeight (enumDblHeight dh)
cTeletextChar ToDblWidth (enumDblWidth dw)
cTeletextChar ToDirty (bool Dirty)
cTeletextChar ToFGColor (enumTeletextColor fgc)

Protected Member Functions

 cTeletextChar (unsigned int cc)

Protected Attributes

unsigned int c

Static Protected Attributes

static const unsigned int BGCOLOR = 0x03E00000
static const unsigned int BLINK = 0x80000000
static const unsigned int BOXOUT = 0x00004000
static const unsigned int CHAR = 0x000000FF
static const unsigned int CHARSET = 0x00001F00
static const unsigned int CONCEAL = 0x40000000
static const unsigned int DBLHEIGHT = 0x0C000000
static const unsigned int DBLWIDTH = 0x30000000
static const unsigned int DIRTY = 0x00008000
static const unsigned int FGCOLOR = 0x001F0000

Detailed Description

Definition at line 107 of file txtrender.h.

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